Excessive Coloring Can Kill Your Hair

coloring-mens-hairHair isn’t alive, so hair products or hot irons can’t “kill” hair, although they may cause hair damage. As long as the damage caused by hair products is limited to the hair and not the growing hair follicles below the skin, hair above the skin may be lost from breakage or damage, but it will re-grow from the follicles at a rate of 1⁄2 inch per month.

Damaging hair follicles below the skin, however, can cause baldness. When inexperienced people apply chemicals such as unsafe dyes or relaxing agents to the hair and scalp, the caustic chemicals may work their way into the growing part of the hair follicle and damage or kill the hair follicle at its root. The longer powerful chemicals stay on the scalp, the deeper they may penetrate into the pores of the skin where the hair follicles are, resulting in permanent hair loss or hair that may never look “healthy.”

Applying dyes, chemicals, or hot irons (even hair rollers that are too hot) can cause the hair to become fragile and break off. Hair breakage and split ends are most common in people with long hair because the hair is around for a longer amount of time before being cut, so it’s more susceptible to damage from wind, drying, and sunlight as well as chemicals such as relaxers and hair dyes.

Hair Loss Is Caused by Decreased Blood Flow

One hair loss myth says that standing on your head increases the flow of blood to your scalp and thereby improves hair regrowth and regeneration. Although the act may entertain the neighbors and give you a unique look on life (albeit an upside-down one), specialists agree that standing on your head has no impact whatsoever on hair loss. Growing hair does require a significant amount of blood flow, but after you lose hair, blood flow to your scalp decreases because, well, you just don’t need it with no hair up there.

There’s a cause and effect issue here, but it’s important to remember that the hair loss occurs before the blood flow decreases.

Decreased blood flow to the scalp isn’t the cause of the hair loss but rather the result of it. The absolute proof of this is that, when good hair is placed into a bald scalp with decreased blood flow, the blood flow returns when the hair starts growing.

Magnets Increase Hair Growth

In the early days of electricity, magnetic devices were commonly sold in local newspapers as a cure for hair loss. Magnetic therapy, a kind of alternative medicine, holds that magnetic fields can yield health benefits by improving blood flow. Backers of the therapy claim that it can be used to treat arthritic joints, circulation problems, and erectile dysfunction.

Over the years, we’ve been asked many times whether magnets can increase hair growth. The answer is a definitive “no.” Even if magnetic fields do affect blood flow and that’s a dubious proposition increasing blood flow to the scalp doesn’t prevent hair loss or regenerate hair.

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Excessive Coloring Can Kill Your Hair